Please understand that we regard customer and employee safety as our top priority.

We have been safely making and delivering great food since the pandemic first broke in February.  Our customers rely on us to not just give them great meals, but to safeguard their families and co-workers as well.  We take this responsibility very seriously. 

Some of the ways we are looking out for you:

* Our facility is not open to the public.  We offer curbside pickup or delivery only, reducing human contact to as little as possible in every situation.

* Our delivery drivers are members of our staff.  Even when we take an order off of GrubHub or another 3rd party service, we send our own employees, who we know are checked and trained, to make sure we keep your order safe all the way through the process. 

* Our small, dedicated staff is screened every day with a temperature check.  More than that, each person is trained to stay home at the slightest indication of illness and to be diligent in their off-duty activities to stay safe, for the good of themselves, their families, their co-workers (and their families), and for you and your family.

* Everyone working around food or people wears a mask all of the time.

* We sanitize all work surfaces throughout the day, and we've employed an outside firm to make certifiably certain that all work surfaces that could come into contact with human or food are protected round-the-clock (24/7) against covid-19 and other dangers.  Covid-19 cannot survive on any surface that could be involved in making a meal for you.

* All foods are served in individual containers.


You've sent as many of your staff home as you can.  You've set up temp checks and social distancing.  Keep the ones who are still coming into the workplace even safer and happier by feeding them onsite.  Not only does it improve productivity, but one delivery for all employees is much safer than multiple deliveries or, even worse, having employees go out in all different directions to find their own lunches.  Through California's Best Catering ( and CB Asian Bowls, you can get meals - breakfast, lunch and/or dinner - for everybody with one delivery, from menus custom-tailored to provide as much variety as you want.  We've delivered to companies, daily, for months with only repeating meals that they specifically asked to be repeated.  Let us be a partner with you, too, in making it a safer and more delicious time for your staff.

- Rick Jones, CEO